Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Tclet

To see this page you need Tcl/Tk Plugin version 2 and Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

If you have the above, you will be able to use this Tcl/Tk program embedded in this web page (tclet) to connect to an IRC server and chat ! (be sure to have a very big netscape window before entering this page (or resize now and then reload...)).

This is yet preliminary and is intended for people quite familiar with Irc already... Try reading some Irc documentation if you need help (the UI below is intended to be close to famous ircII client). Commands starts with a /; /help and /alias lists all commands. Some features (like menus, DCC, server choice, etc...) are not working because of the plugin environment (safe tcl/tk).

You won't see anything without Netscape3/IE3 and the Tcl/Tk plugin... sorry

Programming Copyright 1996-1997 by Laurent Demailly.
All rights reserved.
Based on my NetPlug client

Maintained/© by dl, Last change May 17th 1997.

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