(Tcl/tk infos and download instructions really needs update...)

NetPlug is an extensible multi-connections, multi-protocol, network client program, written in pure Tcl/Tk (and thus running on all platforms Tcl/Tk runs on, ie most Unixes, PCs (Win3.1,Win95, WinNT) and Macs (both PPC and 68k)). You can look at the easy install instructions from Sun's Tcl/Tk download page.

Note that the tcl/tk version information here is quite dated; Netplug should work with the latest wish (Tk) binary, including the one bundled with Mac OS X - let me know if you have problems.

Recommended versions (to get by ftp): Either try one of the new Tcl8 version (should work better with those, specially on windows and mac), or the stable previous versions: For windows get win76p2.exe, for Mac get mactk4.2p2.sea.hqx, for Unixes get tcl7.6p2.tar.gz and tk4.2p2.tar.gz from any ftp Tcl archive (if you see a p3,... for Tcl7.6/Tk4.2, take it instead but don't take old buggy beta release for 7.5/4.1 or 7.6/4.2 (ie don't take old 4.1b3 or 4.2b1) !). Get it from any major Tcl archive FTP site, or from the source at

NetPlug distribution includes already:

I intend to improve this web page in the near future, meanwhile, you can look at the files in the distribution directly

You can find the 73th (yes over seventy releases already !!) beta release (Much Faster and with new easy and customizable Menus !) hereafter :

A sample screen copy with several part of the GUI shown for the IRC use (note that not all these windows need to be present, in fact only one main irc window is needed after login (right) with its menus. Also, the font can be customized so the screen footprint is much smaller, for smaller screens (I have a 1280x1024 config for the dump...)), click to get full size image:
[small screen dump image]

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