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Scriptics Announcement

"Over the last year I've been watching the explosive growth of Tcl usage and wondering what is the best way to encourage even more growth and move Tcl further into the mainstream. I've decided that what's needed now is an organization that is totally focused on Tcl, one that can promote Tcl aggressively and move quickly to supply all the things needed by Tcl developers, whether it's a debugger, new widgets, support, or consulting services.

To that end, I'm excited to announce that I have spun out of Sun and formed a new company, Scriptics, which will be devoted exclusively to scripting tools, applications, and services. Our first round of financing closed yesterday and we will move into our office space on Monday. We have a skeletal staff already, and it will grow to "full fighting strength" over the next few weeks.

We've created an initial Web site for Scriptics. It has more information about the company and it gives a preview of our first set of products and services. It also has a Q&A page that attempts to answer some of the questions that are undoubtedly coming to your minds ("Will Tcl and Tk still be free?" Surely you can guess the answer to this one).

My new email address is

This is a friendly spin-out done with the blessing of Sun management: we all agreed that the Tcl developer community is better served by an organization totally focused on scripting. Scriptics will maintain a close relationship with Sun as we go forward.

I hope you will share my excitement about this new venture. Scriptics will carry forward all of the best traditions of Tcl's past while enabling many new things that were not previously possible."

John Ousterhout, February 5, 1998.

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