Animated color Marylin with Tcl Powered Dynamic Pop Art applet

To see this page you need Tcl/Tk Plugin and Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

If you have the above, enjoy this small (76 lines of code - only 16k with the image data) Dynamic Pop Art applet (inspired by Andy Warhol's Marylin). In this version, in order to keep a 'natural' face, we work in HSB (hue saturation brightness) to keep about the same Brightness (small randomization) and randomize fully only the Hue and Saturation.

You won't see anything without Netscape3/IE3 and the Tcl/Tk plugin... sorry

Artwork and Programming Copyright 5/1997 by Laurent Demailly.
All rights reserved.
You must contact the author to get written authorization for any use other than live viewing of the unmodified original world wide web page : http://www.demailly.com/~dl/tclets/marylin.html.
This means (but is not limited to) that you are not allowed to print, save, or reproduce in any way this work without prior authorization.

Nb: This Artwork is derived from Andy Warhol's.

Maintained/© by dl, Last change May 14th 1997.

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