At the top and bottom of most pages, you'll find the and buttons to help you navigate through this site. Use these to follow the material in this site in the order of presentation. The text will also contain links, such as this one, which will take you to a related topic. If you follow one of these links, you have to use the browser's "Back" button to get back where you were, to resume your tour.


Please feel free to re-use any of the Tclets on this site. You'll see the symbol near each Tclet. Clicking on the orange ball will lead you to a page containing the source code. Save that page to a local file on your system and you've copied the Tclet; couldn't be easier! I suggest that you visit these pages even if you don't want to copy the Tclet. By examining the source code you will more quickly learn how to write your own Tclets.

The following pages contain many Tclets, interspersed with text explaining what they do, and how I wrote them. You will need to obtain the Tcl Plugin to see the Tclets. It's worth the effort. See the next section for how to get the Tcl plugin. Bookmark this page so you'll be able to come back here when you've installed the plugin.

I'm sure you'll have fun visiting this site, and hopefully you'll even be inspired to write your own Tclet. When you do, send us some email about it, and we'll include it in the Tclet Register.

How To Get The Plugin

If you're not sure whether you already have the plugin installed, check the list of plugins installed in your browser, by clicking on the Help button, in the right corner of the button bar above, and selecting "About Plug-ins". The page you see should have an entry for the Tcl plugin, if you have the plugin installed.

If you already have Version 2 of the plugin installed, hit this link now to start exploring the power and "magic" of Tclets. If you have Version 1 of the plugin installed, you'll be able to see most of the Tclets I've included, but some require Version 2. I suggest that you consider upgrading to Version 2. See this link for a list of supported browsers and operating systems on which the plugin can be used.

If you don't have the plugin installed on your machine yet, visit our web site to download it. Follow the instructions there to install the plugin. Then restart your browser and come back to this page.

If you have trouble installing the plugin, please check out these pages for a list of things to check for. If you're still having trouble, send us, Jacob Levy and Laurent Demailly some email. Please include the log file generated by the installer for your system in any email you send.

After You Have The Installed The Plugin

We'll start off writing very simple Tclets, and gradually add more complexity. If you are confused by any of the source code show, here are some web resources that will teach you more about Tcl, or check out our Tcl mini tutorial. If you are a programming novice, please do not be deterred by any initial confusion. I hope you'll persevere and then I'm sure you'll be surprised how easy it is to actually write Tclets!

And now, on with the show! I'm ready to show you how to write your first Tclet! Are you?