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The (former) SunScript Group

Unless otherwise specified, all people listed here are now working on new projects within Sun Sun Microsystems. Here is a list of team members and responsibilities as it was at the end of 1997:

John Ousterhout Project lead. Creator of Tcl/Tk. (now with Scriptics)

Marie Baker Project administrator.

Laurent Demailly Tcl Plug-in, Safe-Tcl, Web.

Melissa Hirschl Tcl-Java Integration. (now with Scriptics)

Jim Ingham Macintosh port. (now with Cygnus)

Ray Johnson Macintosh port, Manager of Tcl-Java project (now with Scriptics)

Ioi Lam SpecTcl and Tcl/Java integration.

Jacob Levy Safe-Tcl, Tcl Plug-in

Brian Lewis On-the fly compilation

Syd Polk Menu system (now with Cygnus)

Scott Stanton PC port, Tcl/Java integration. (now with Scriptics)

Colin Stevens PC port, font system, internationalization.

Bryan Surles Tcl-Java Integration. (now with Scriptics)

Brent Welch Web tools, Webmaster, Tcl Evangelist. (now with Scriptics)

And a list of all (I hope I forgot nobody!) people who worked on Tcl development as Sun employees, approximatly sorted by date of appearance:
John Ousterhout , Scott Stanton , Ray Johnson , Stephen Uhler , Brent Welch , Jacob Levy , Brian Lewis , Ken Corey , Colin Stevens , Syd Polk , Ioi Lam , Jim Ingham , Laurent Demailly , Bryan Surles , Melissa Hirschl .

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